MUVIT BAMBOOTEK IPHONE 11 PRO MAX cotton white backcover

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Introducing the new Bambootek Muvit Fot Change shell specially
designed to protect the new iPhone 11 Pro! Responsible, ethical and
100% compostable, the Bambootek shell is made of bio-degradable
materials such as corn starch and bamboo fiber. It will degrade in a
favorable environment (conditions of temperature, humidity, light,
oxygen …) and under the action of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi,
algae). Its end of life will not cause any adverse effect on nature.
The Bambootek shell will protect your iPhone 11 Pro from everyday
shocks and scratches and give you direct access to all its features
and cameras.
* 100% bio-degradable
* "Zero plastic" packaging in recycled folded cardboard: no glue, no
plastic, no selective varnish
* Scratch resistant
* Resistant to everyday shocks

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