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More than just a case

The Eco-Friendly case is more than just a case because, besides
protecting your AirPods’ case from impacts and scratches, it helps
protect the planet. It’s made of wheat, is biodegradable and more
respectful with the environment.

100% biodegradable and eco-friendly

The Eco-Friendly case helps protect the planet. It’s made of wheat
and biodegradable, and it’s capable of decompose naturally. In an
enabling environment, it can be decomposed by biological organisms
such as bacteria, fungi and algae, and becoming food for the soil.

Protection against impacts and scratches

It protects your AirPods’ case while being friendly with the
environment. It has a flexible and resistant structure, to prevent
accidental scratches and impacts to damage your AirPods.

Soft touch

The Eco-Friendly case has a very nice soft exterior finishing. It will
keep your AirPods’ case free from fingerprints and accidental
scratches. It’s also very easy to clean.

Plastic-free packaging

The packaging that contains the Eco-Friendly case is recyclable and
100% plastic-free.

We collaborate with Bosquia

Forests are the biggest weather regulators and balancers: they boost
rains, generate oxygen, clean the atmosphere and are essential for
life. Because we understand how important trees are to our planet, we
collaborate with Bosquia in the creation of a forest made up by 80
native trees in Huelva, Spain.

Main features
* Biodegradable and respectful with the environment
* Made of wheat
* Protection against impacts and scratches
* Very nice soft touch
* Recyclable and plastic-free packaging Technical information
* Flexible case
* Resistance to accidental scratches and impacts
* Anti-fingerprints
* Easy to clean
* Made of wheat
* Compatibility AirPods
* Box content
* Eco-Friendly case

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